Examining the Future of Elixir and Cloud Ecosystems

Underjord explores the future of the Elixir ecosystem, focusing on the potential of cloud providers like Fly.io and tools such as Phoenix LiveView. The post examines the trade-offs involved in software abstractions and the need for operational simplicity.

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Using Benchee for Microbenchmarking in Elixir

Christian Alexander explains how to use Benchee, a microbenchmarking package for Elixir and Erlang, with real examples such as the new OTP 27 JSON support, sorting algorithms, and more.

Overview of Gleam v1.2.0 Release

Louis Pilfold introduces the release of Gleam v1.2.0, emphasizing enhancements in fault-tolerant compilation, language server improvements, single-line pipelines, improved error messages, Hex integration, and more.

Overview of Elixir 1.17.0-rc.0 Release

Elixir Release News: Version 1.17.0-rc.0 introduces type inference for patterns, a new Duration data type, and support for Erlang/OTP 27.

Exploring Elixir Concurrency for Project Needs

HarrisInDenver is seeking advice on how Elixir's concurrency model might fit the needs of their project, which currently uses NodeJS and faces scaling and reliability issues.

Experiences and Insights Working with Elixir

_MMCXII asks about Elixir's capabilities and suitability for various tasks, including reasons to choose or avoid it and personal experiences from users.

Report from GigCity 2024 and NervesConf

Lars from Underjord details his experiences attending GigCity 2024 and NervesConf in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Onboarding Experiences with Emma Whamond and Micaela Cunha

SmartLogic's newest developers, Emma Whamond and Micaela Cunha, discuss their onboarding experiences, joining a new engineering team, and navigating unfamiliar codebases. They share tips on learning Ruby and Elixir, the importance of testing, and seeking guidance from teammates.

Built-in JSON Support in Erlang OTP 27

Code & Stuff: Erlang OTP now has native JSON support, enhancing Elixir, Erlang, and Gleam apps by eliminating the need for third-party libraries. This video gives a preview.

Guide On Using Ecto.Enum and Ecto.Type in Elixir

An in-depth look at utilizing Ecto.Enum and Ecto.Type in Elixir applications to manage data effectively.

Optimizing Real-Time Web Apps with Phoenix LiveView Streams

Sophie DeBenedetto explains how Phoenix LiveView optimizes real-time web applications using streams for efficient client-server communication, focusing on its declarative approach and practical benefits.

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