Managing multiple versions of Erlang/OTP and Elixir using vfox on Windows

yeshan333 explains how to use vfox to manage multiple versions of Erlang/OTP and Elixir on Windows.

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Exploring Keyword Lists and Function Chaining for Option Semantics in Elixir

skwyckl explores the use of keyword lists and function chaining to give semantics to options in Elixir functions.

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Erlang and Elixir Explored

Francesco Cesarini and Andrea Leopardi discuss the interdependence of Erlang and Elixir, detailing how each language has contributed to the success and evolution of the other.

Overview of Inertia JS in Phoenix for Simplified React Integration

The video by Code & Stuff discusses the integration of Inertia JS, originally from Laravel, into Phoenix for simplifying React development, focusing on routing and data fetching.

Challenges and Help Needed for Elixir Development and Absinthe Subscriptions

AdStraight6417 seeks guidance on setting up an Elixir development environment and implementing Absinthe subscriptions, particularly struggling with IDE support, linter integration, and finding up-to-date resources.

Interview with Derrick Reimer on leveraging Elixir for SaaS businesses

In this episode from Beam Radio, Derrick Reimer of SavvyCal discusses the advantages of using Elixir for bootstrapped SaaS businesses and his transition from Rails to Elixir.

Introducing Backpex: A Customizable Admin Panel for Phoenix LiveView

Florian shares an introduction to Backpex, a tool designed to streamline the creation of admin panels in Phoenix LiveView applications, emphasizing its flexibility and customization.

Introduction of Phoenix Playground for Single-File Phoenix Applications

Wojtek Mach announces the release of Phoenix Playground, a new project that simplifies running single-file Phoenix applications, aimed to aid in prototyping, bug reporting, and sharing Phoenix code.

Discussion on Poison v6 Performance and Elixir Community Updates

Hosts of the 'Thinking Elixir' podcast discuss the release of Poison v6.0.0, updates on the Lumen/Firefly project, a new accessibility testing library for Elixir, and more.

Resolving Compilation Errors for the Erlang USB Library

mrmarbury discusses issues encountered when trying to compile the Erlang usb library, including a missing header file `erl_nif.h` and steps taken to address the problem.

Best Programming Languages to Learn Alongside Elixir

Author jamesjajaja asks for recommendations on which programming languages are worth learning along with Elixir. The community suggests Rust, Typescript, Erlang, Gleam, and Haskell as beneficial complements.

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