Integration of AI and Home Automation with Elixir

Sean Moriarity explores integrating a home automation system with AI using Elixir as the software framework.

Continue reading Launches License Compliance Tool for Elixir Applications

Michael Lubas introduces a new feature in for managing open source license compliance in Elixir applications, simplifying the process of tracking and adhering to license regulations.

Announcing ex_webrtc: A WebRTC Implementation in Elixir

Łukasz Wala announces the release of ex_webrtc, an Elixir implementation of the W3C WebRTC specification.

Overcoming Global State in Tests with Localized State for Async Elixir ExUnit Tests

JB Steadman discusses strategies to avoid using `async: false` in ExUnit tests by localizing global state, allowing tests to run asynchronously and independently.

Tigris: A Global Key Value Database with S3-like Capabilities

Jason Stiebs discusses Tigris, a globally synced, S3-like key-value database built on, and its potential applications.

Improving UX in LiveView with Alpine.js

Artur Ziętkiewicz discusses the integration of Alpine.js to enhance interactivity in Phoenix LiveView applications.

How to Create and Use Custom Exceptions in Elixir

Paweł Świątkowski examines exceptions in Elixir, with a focus on how to define and use custom exceptions.

Latest Updates and Libraries in the Elixir Ecosystem

This episode covers Phoenix LiveView's progress towards 1.0, the introduction of the example_test utility for Elixir, and Erlang's proposed JSON standard library integration.

Improving Elixir's Enum.find with Default Values

This content discusses the usage of Enum.find/3 in Elixir for better handling of situations where the desired value is not found in a collection, by providing a default value instead of nil.

How to Deploy a Phoenix App with Clustering on Nomad

Theron describes the process of running a Phoenix application on Nomad with a focus on setting up rolling deployments and ensuring redundancy.

Parsing FIT Files and Code Generation Using Elixir

The author has implemented a parser for Garmin's Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer (FIT) files in Elixir. To handle the specification's massive amount of data types and messages described by a spreadsheet, the author faced challenges with code generation, eventually turning to Elixir's macro system.

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