Improving Confirmation Modals in Phoenix LiveView

Mykolas Mankevicius: TLDR; here's the result (YouTube video), The default experience with Phoenix's data-confirm modals lack UX for production. The author shows how to customize modals for a better user experience.

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Setting Up PGroonga for Full-Text Search in Elixir Projects

This blog post outlines the process of installing PGroonga, enabling the full-text search extension in PostgreSQL, and demonstrates its integration into an Elixir project.

Adding Guard Clauses to the Match Operator in Elixir

This post introduces guard clauses to the match operator in Elixir with considerations for metaprogramming, pattern matching, and compiler warnings.

LiveView Course for Beginners in English and Portuguese

Lubien announced the publication and open sourcing of a LiveView course aimed at beginners, available in both English and Portuguese.

Rapid Deployment of AI Apps Using Elixir's Livebook

Andrés Alejos discusses the rapid validation and deployment of AI applications using Elixir's Livebook. By leveraging the Elixir ecosystem, it's possible to quickly create and test AI-driven products without long development cycles.

Gleam v1.1.0 Release Highlights

Louis Pilfold announces the release of Gleam v1.1.0, introducing a host of new features and improvements such as language server enhancements, support for Bun JavaScript runtime, rebar support for Erlang, formatter improvements, and more.

Generating PDFs for Authenticated Pages in Elixir

John Curran discusses a method for generating downloadable PDF versions of web pages that require user authentication within Elixir applications.

Tips for Creating an HTTP Server Using Elixir

Author sadnpc24 is seeking advice on how to build an HTTP server in Elixir as a beginner to functional programming. They are looking for resources that explain low-level details such as endianness and socket descriptors without abstracting these concepts away.

Developing an Elixir-based DSL for Social Impact Organizations

Simon de Haan and Federico Meini present on creating an Elixir-based domain specific language (DSL) that aids social impact organizations in using chat services to amplify their work.

Enhancing GitOps with Elixir for Self-Service Platforms

Lars Hesel Christensen and Bikram Chatterjee discuss leveraging Elixir patterns such as State Machine, Templating, and custom behaviors to enhance GitOps for a Self-Service platform at ElixirConf EU 2023. The platform automates pull request validations and engages stakeholders in approvals. It provisions resources in real-time adhering to corporate policies and governance workflows.

Elixir Helpers for Seamless Pipelines

The article discusses two helpers, `then` and `tap`, that aid developers in maintaining the flow of pipelines in Elixir code without unnecessary breaks.

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