Episode on Bloom UI's Launch and Elixir News

Episode on Bloom UI's Launch and Elixir News

Source: thinkingelixir.com

Type: Podcast

This episode features an in-depth discussion with Chris Gregori on the launch of Bloom UI, an opinionated extension of Phoenix core components designed to simplify UI development for Elixir and LiveView projects. The conversation covers the motivations behind Bloom, its command-line utility for generating components, and current features such as avatars and marketing layouts. There is also a focus on future developments, including expanded components and web component integration. Additionally, Chris's journey with Elixir, community contributions, and accessibility emphasis are highlighted. The episode also covers various Elixir community updates, including Livebook 0.13.x release notes, the '2 Million Checkboxes' project by Peter Ullrich, Tyler Young's updated Parameterized Tests, and more.

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